Final phase of the agony of CF Reus that began in 2019

History of a death foretold. The agony of the Sociedad Anónima Deportiva del CF Reus is entering its final phase and is that there is no going back once the start of the liquidation phase has been decreed by the judge. During the last two years, no proposal or economic viability plan has appeared to settle the debt of more than nine million euros with creditors Y CF Reus has come this far. The beginning of the end, without a doubt, was when in January 2019 its sporting activity ceased and on March 5 of that same year, the entity entered bankruptcy.

Reus Shield / Flag

The countdown to the total dissolution of CF Reus has started definitively after 110 years of history. The club has been paralyzed for months and in January 2019 it was when everything began to collapse. With the team in the Second Division, the American businessman Clifton Onolfo lands in Reus to buy the club for three euros to Joan Oliver, former general manager of Barça in the Joan Laporta stage. There was already talking about LaLiga was going to expel the first team 'roig i negre' from Second for non-payments to their playerss and a few days later the sentence became official. The jPlayers were released and signed for other teams. Then, Reus stopped competing and a disaster began without brake. Sports activity has been paralyzed since then and debts not only are not paid, but they are increasing. Onolfo, who came with the promise of stabilizing the club and building a stadium for 18,000 spectators, has now run out of powers and left the city without a historical entity.

Moreover, CF Reus appears on the list of defaulters with the Treasury published by the Tax Agency for debts and pending penalties of more than 1 million euros. CF Reus went from competing in professional football, in Segunda, to disappear in Segunda Catalana. The Catalan Federation also denied the registration due to the accumulated debts.