Figo: “You have to ‘clean up’ for the good of football”


The ex-soccer player of FC Barcelona and Real Madrid Luis Figo affirmed that “cleaning up” must be done for the good of football in allusion to the “Negreira case” and sees Manchester City and Bayern Munich as favorites to win the Champions League, although he stressed that “you always have to count on” Madrid.

“Things from the past come to light and at a certain moment the truth will be known. We have to clean up for the good of football. We have the experience of wanting to win, and that has a lot to do with the people who manage the teams. These people have to be cleaned up because football will remain forever,” he said at the presentation of the thirteenth edition of the Vicente del Bosque Football Academy at the Work Café Santander de Recoletos in Madrid.

Luis Figo, who confessed to professing “great respect” and “admiration” for del Bosque, one of the people who helped him the most in the “complicated integration” of the change from Barça to Real Madrid, considered that football “depends on the cycles ” and promote it among the new generations because they have “no other temptations, but other things to see”.

“My favorite in the ‘Champions’ is Manchester City and Bayern, but you always have to count on Real Madrid. I see Inter as a bit more complicated because they have a lower quality, but football is unpredictable,” said the former midfielder. Portuguese.