Fifth and last chapter of Baku, series on Atleti, love and matches on TV

The fifth and final chapter of the Baku miniseries is now available. ‘What football has united’ tells how a group of friends live the Champions League semifinal in which the Atlético de Madrid get the pass to the final, even if it costs a relationship. In ‘Final Fantasy’, the rojiblanco team disputes and wins the coveted Champions against a German team.

BAKÚ was a 5-episode web series project shot in 2014. The year that Atlético de Madrid played the Champions League final in Lisbon against Real Madrid. It was done before knowing how the competition would end and it deals with Atleti, love, and soccer matches on television. [/ embed]

A demo of five short chapters that no production company that wanted to develop this project found and that did not see the light. But now, Sports world publishes the five chapters, weekly, so that mattress fans in particular and soccer fans in general can enjoy it.

Directed by Borja Echeverría, with José Manuel Tenorio and Luis Conde as screenwriters, and based on an idea by Tenorio himself and Ennio Sotanaz, Baku has the participation of the actors Jordi Aguilar, Eva Ugarte, Eric Francés, Cristina Gallego, Ander Janín, Rafa Ayuso, Silvia de Pé and Salomé Jiménez.