FIFA bans Munir from playing for Morocco

FIFA has banned Munir from playing for Morocco, even though the rules were changed last month. The world soccer body was flexible in allowing footballers to change national teams once they make their senior debut. Everything seemed to indicate, therefore, that the Sevilla player could represent another country. However, one of the requirements imposed by FIFA to be able to wear the shirt of another national team is not fulfilled by the attacker, according to AP.

The new conditions mark the following: a footballer cannot have played more than three times with the Absolute, none of those three games can be in an important tournament, at least three years have passed since he played with his national team and you have not been able to represent your country after reaching the age of 21. It is precisely the latter that poses a problem for Munir. In September, October and November 2016, he played with the Under-21s in qualifying for the European Championship, with the 21 already fulfilled. His birthday (September 1, 1995) has taken a toll on the evaluation of the formal request.

That is to say, Munir was previously prohibited from representing Morocco for having already played with Spain. Now, with the more flexible rules, he will not be able to do it for playing matches with the Under-21s being over 21 years old. Anyway, the world football body allows the footballer to challenge the decision in the Court of Arbitration for Sport.