Fernando Tejero confesses, through tears, that he suffered sexual abuse in adolescence: “It was a very screwed up time”

The actor has left all his followers stunned by revealing his painful past. Fernando Tejerothrough tears, has revealed that he lived a very hard childhood and an adolescence in which, even, he was the victim of sexual abuse: “They abused me sexually, a boy older than me. It is the first time I have told it.”

Tejero attended as a guest Window, from Cadena Ser, and opened his heart like never before: “I went to live with my aunts, it is because of these absurd things that were done in the south. I was a borrowed child and there I suffered abandonment. I do not blame my parents because they are not aware of what that was going to mean for me in the long run,” he said. His aunt died of cancer and he returned to his parents: “It has taken its toll on me over the years and it continues to happen to me. One because he is with psychologists and therapies, and does the impossible to lead this life as well as possible, but my childhood and adolescence is to write a film”.

His sexual orientation was the object of criticism, contempt and abuse: “I lived through a screwed-up time, very screwed up. I lived ten years of Franco, the Transition, and I wasn’t me until I arrived in Madrid because I was homosexual. It’s true when I was little that I had a lot of feathers, and they already insulted me, they called me a fagot… they called me everything. In addition, they sexually abused me,” he confessed. “They sexually abused me, a boy older than me. And of course, I didn’t want to accept myself either by society, by my family… So, I took the pen off by correcting myself. Today my voice is hoarse and I stutter for not being able to express myself as I was”, he said excitedly.

Now, at 56 years old, Tejero is one of the references in Spanish cinema and one of the most beloved actors on the scene, not only by friends and colleagues but also by the public. Years ago he shared his fight against depression and his victory thanks to therapy and sports. The actor will be one of the protagonists of El camino a casa, Albert Espinosa’s new space on La Sexta, and from the production company they warn: “It is the hardest episode of the season.”