Fernando Sanz: “The return of football is a great success”

Fernando Sanz, former Real Madrid player and director of international institutional relations, of ambassadors and legends of LaLiga, highlighted the work of this organization so that the return of football in Spain is consumed and said that it is “a great success.”

“We suffered a pandemic that has touched the economy of all countries and will be noticed in soccer. There will be fewer transfers, the prices from before will be reduced. It is a great success that the League begins. For sports reasons, for the spirit of society and also for the economy because the clubs already have economic damages that affect their budgets, “he said at the meeting of LaLiga ambassadors.

The final decision for the return of football was from the Government, but Sanz stressed the importance of the work done from LaLiga to achieve it. “We have not introduced ourselves to the Prime Minister nor have we made decisions, those who are must take them and they may agree or not, but they have been taken for the good of the population and that football can be played again. LaLiga has had an important role with the protocol that the Government has signed and that provides all the security guarantees to soccer players and fans, “he said.

Fernando Sanz thinks that the moment the Seville derby starts that he will face Seville and Betis “everything will be seen with a different perspective” from the critical sectors with the return of football.

“Fortunately we are back, the ball is going to roll again and it is going to be a ray of light of the new normal. That the ball rolls means that we ended up with a very unpleasant past that he was predicting something uncertain that is being clarified thanks to football, “he said.