Fernando Alonso: “The car has improved”


The Spanish Formula 1 driver Fernando Alonso (Aston Martin) was “happy” because his car “has improved” with the new parts brought in after the summer, although he confessed to a “stressful” timed session this Saturday to be fifth on the grid for the Netherlands Grand Prix.

“Very happy because the time trial was once again a bit of a nightmare with the rain, we didn’t know which tires to put on because when it dries out sometimes the new ones are even worse and in the end, as always. When the track dries up and there’s only that two-meter-wide lane to do the entire lap, you have to go in those two meters and you go in dry times,” he said in statements to Dazn.

“There was no time to make a mistake and finishing fifth and getting close to the podium is the best news. It was very easy to make a mistake. In the end we risked putting the dry in Q3 and we had two red flags just as we were about to cross the finish line It was a very stressful time trial,” he added.

On the other hand, the double world champion thanked the work of his team during the summer. “Happy with the car, with the improvements, they have all given us the data we had. The car has improved, thank the people at the factory, it worked throughout July despite having four races,” he concluded.