Fernando Alonso: “The 33? If there is a massacre ahead, we will take advantage of it”


The Spanish driver Fernando Alonso (Aston Martin), who will start fourth in the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix, has assured that the Red Bulls continue to have a race pace of “another category”, but has stated that if there is “a massacre” ahead will try to take advantage of it to get his 33rd victory.

“If there is a massacre in front of us, we will take advantage of it, but in terms of race pace I think Red Bull is still in another category. They have important speed on the straight. But hey, there is only one, the other leaves behind. Any problem that pass to Max we have to try to take advantage of it, but we also have the Mercedes ahead of us. It’s going to be an entertaining race for sure,” he told DAZN.

On the race strategy, the Asturian recognized that the hard tires “have gone a little worse than expected”, especially “in low temperatures”. “But tomorrow it is expected that it will be a little hotter, that the sun will come out, and that can help the hard ones. We will try to have a simple race, without making mistakes. It is a circuit with many traps, we have seen it. Lots of red flags , ‘safety car’ also in other categories, so you have to be very focused”, he stressed.

In another order of things, the two-time world champion highlighted the equality between the first cars in the qualifying session. “But even Verstappen is not that far away. I think it’s the closest time we’ve got, only four tenths, until the last attempt we were even closer,” he said.

“Perhaps the best of the three time trials we’ve done in terms of performance. The fact that it didn’t rain was the biggest danger today. Now that we have a fast car we didn’t want any surprises or some lottery, so putting both cars in the top six I think that’s fine,” he continued. “With ‘Checo’ out, logically thinking about the championship as well, because adding points tomorrow or more than him would bring us a little closer to the championship. In general, a good day,” he added.

Finally, Alonso joked about the good performance of the ‘silver arrows’. “Mercedes, who always want to leave this car and always lament so much, they are already going fast. They have hidden and for half of the year they will surely be there to fight or win races, as they did last year with Russell in Brazil”, he concluded.