Fernández Tapias’ older children could not say goodbye to him: “They are very sad”

The businessman died this Wednesday at the age of 84 after suffering a heart attack. Fernández Tapias had had coronary problems for a long time (he had seven stents implanted) but his loss has been a shock to friends and family, who assure that he “was fine.” His older children, with whom he had not spoken since 2019, were very affected: “They are very sad because they have not been able to say goodbye to him.”

Fernando, Borja and Íñigo are the result of Fefé’s first marriage to Chiqui de la Riva. They were the ones who filed a lawsuit against her father in 2021, after he dismissed them from his companies to replace them with Sandra and Juan Carlos, the result of his second marriage with Juana García. They then tried to legally incapacitate him and thus challenge the transfer of powers in the business conglomerate. The court finally ruled in favor of Fernández Tapias and dismissed the lawsuit on the grounds that the shipowner continued to have full use of his powers.

The relationship was obviously broken then and they had not managed to restore it. This Wednesday, at 3:30 a.m. In the morning, Fernández Tapias suffered a heart attack that cost him his life at the age of 84. “They are very sorry because they have not been able to say goodbye to him,” they said in Así es la vida. “They have not been able to get closer because since 2019 they have been prohibited from entering his father’s home.” Yes, they have gone to the La Paz funeral home, in Madrid, where the mortal remains of the businessman are laid to rest. There they met the widow, Nuria González, and her two little brothers, Iván and Alma.