Fernández Tapias did not want his older children at his funeral and left it in writing

The death of the businessman at the age of 84 due to a heart attack last Wednesday has reignited an open family war in 2021 that they had not been able to overcome. In that year, the three oldest children of Fernando Fernandez Tapias They tried to legally incapacitate their father and he never forgave them: “He didn’t want to have them at his funeral and he left it in writing.”

This Thursday, at the La Paz funeral home there were very tense moments due to the presence of Fernando, Borja and Íñigo, the three fruits of Fefé’s first marriage with Chiqui de la Riva. The witnesses claim that people very close to Nuria González have rebuked them and invited them to leave the room, without success. The tension was such that they were on the verge of coming to blows, but they stopped in time to avoid the scandal. “The widow only wanted her husband’s will to be respected and has tried to prevent them from entering the coffin room. He left in writing that he did not want his older children at his funeral”they have said in TardeAR. For this same reason, the flower crowns sent by Fernando, Borja and Íñigo have been withdrawn.

The problems began in 2019, when Fernández Tapias dismissed his three oldest children from their positions in the family businesses in favor of Juan Carlos, Sandra (children from his second marriage with Juana García Courel) and his wife, Nuria González. They filed a lawsuit to legally incapacitate his father in 2021, but the judge saw no reason to do so and ruled in favor of the businessman. However, faced with the possibility of filing appeals and extending the procedure, Fefé voluntarily agreed to partial incapacitation: his medical decisions would be supervised by his wife and the legal-administrative decisions by one of his partners, Florentino Pérez. The issue was closed and the father never forgave his children who, according to Makoke, are “very sorry” for not having been able to say goodbye to him.

Those who have been united in the face of the pain of loss have been Nuria González and her two children with the businessman, Iván and Alma. Many well-known faces, close friends of the family, attended Fefé’s funeral this Thursday and surrounded her widow and orphans.