Felipe VI’s toast to his “dear Leonor” and a royal lunch with pularda and chocolate mousse

After the swearing in of the Constitution, Leonor has been decorated with the Collar of the Order of Carlos III and has given her first speech of her coming of age. So she has started the last celebration this 18th birthday of the heiress. Food with the authorities. The Royal Family offered a lunch at the Royal Palace of Madrid, at which time His Majesty the King spoke to them. On the menu, pularda, red mullet and dark chocolate mousse.

Dear Leonor, you will not be alone on your path. In your family you will find the necessary more personal support; and the Spanish people as a whole – to whom do you owe? “You will know how to recognize your dedication and dedication with your encouragement and affection,” said the monarch. “You represent a new generation that, like those that have preceded us, will have its own ideals, its way of seeing and understanding life, its vision. of the world. And it will also have its own challenges, which will always require the greatest preparation,” he highlighted.

Our obligation is to bequeath you the best of the Spain that we have received from previous generations. It is the Spain of freedom, coexistence and progress; despite the enormous difficulties we have gone through over these 45 years.

“You must know that democracy and freedom are not built overnight, but day after day. You will have that responsibility: to continue building Spain, adapting it to a world in full transformation.”

“Values ​​that unite us”

And in that task “you must keep in mind the principles and values ​​that unite us and that have united us throughout our recent history. The principles and values ​​of the Constitution that you have just sworn to.” He has valued confidence to face the future: “A trust that should accompany you Leonor and, of course, the next generations”.

Your mother and I, your family and everyone congratulate you on your swearing in of the Constitution; also for having received the Medals of the Congress and Senate, and finally the Collar of the Royal and Distinguished Order of Charles III, the highest civil decoration of the State.” Before concluding, the monarch made a toast: “Happy birthday.”