Felipe VI’s comment to journalists that remembers Genoveva Casanova: “You have come here more than to Denmark”

The frenetic state trip Felipe VI y Mrs. Letizia The Netherlands ended successfully on Thursday night. Beyond fulfilling her institutional commitments, her Majesties were very close to the press (a wink that suggests that the consort does not forget her years on the small screen). This Tuesday, during her first meeting at the central Amsterdam hotel in the NH Collection, Queen Letizia had a conversation with the journalists present there. Felipe was not far behind. With the same naturalness as the consort, the monarch chatted with the media and even joked with them.

More journalists have come here than to Denmark, right?“, commented the son of Don Juan Carlos I and Queen Sofía when he realized that the presence of the media at this meeting had increased compared to the State trip to Denmark, which was held in November of last year. These statements by Felipe call especially the attention, since his visit to the Scandinavian country coincided with the controversial photographs of Genoveva Casanova and Federico X (current king of Denmark) walking through the center of Madrid.

Beyond this spontaneous comment from Felipe VI, Telma Ortiz’s sister took advantage of her meeting with the media to thank them for their attendance and ask them how they are and how they are going to handle these days. Meanwhile, Felipe listened attentively and smiled.

After these brief minutes of chatting, both left the meeting place and headed to the gala dinner they had planned with the kings of the Netherlands. “We’re leaving, Queen Máxima is waiting for us.“, concluded Mrs. Letizia.

The declaration of King William Alexander that affects Felipe VI and Doña Letizia

This state trip has also brought some surprises. This Wednesday, at the gala dinner, King William confirmed that his daughter, Princess Amalia of the Netherlands, had been living incognito in Madrid for a year after receiving threats from a mafia group in her country. During his speech, Máxima of Holland’s husband thanked Felipe and Doña Letizia for taking care of Amalia during her stay in Spain.

All this was possible thanks to the affectionate dedication of a large number of fellow citizens and their majesties. It was a moving test of friendship in a difficult period. I want to express my most sincere gratitude to His Majesties and to all those who collaborated in that effort,” confessed the Dutch monarch.