Felipe VI, without Letizia, visits his mother in the hospital: “She is cheerful, looking forward to being discharged”

Don Felipe has arrived at the Ruber clinic in Madrid driving his own car. Alone, without Doña Letizia, he has approached the medical center where his mother, Queen Sofía, has been hospitalized since this Tuesday, April 9 at night. “She is very well, cheerful, looking forward to being discharged and returning as soon as possible,” the monarch commented to the media.

The King, who was looking at his mobile phone when entering the hospital, entered through the main door. Doña Sofía, 85 years old, was transferred to the clinic “due to a urinary tract infection”, as reported by the King’s House this Wednesday morning.

The evolution of the King’s mother “is being very rapid and favorable,” the note continues. The queen, who receives pharmacological treatment for this type of infections, She has been admitted to the hospital since Tuesday night, Casa Real confirms to us.

In recent days, the monarch’s mother has had an intense private agenda. On Monday the 8th we saw the queen emeritus at her funeral mass in memory of her nephew, Fernando Gómez-Acebo. The religious service, in the Cathedral Church of the Armed Forces of Madrid, brought together the four kings and the Gómez-Acebo and Zurita families; and on Saturday the 6th, Doña Sofía attended the wedding of the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, and Teresa Urquijo. Next to the emerita, was Don Juan Carlos.