Felipe VI was informed by Pedro Sánchez at 9 in the morning that he will remain as President

After a five-day period of reflection, the President of the Government confirmed in his appearance that early this Monday, San Pedro Mártir had informed the King of his decision, as we had anticipated in Informalia. Philip VI He learned his decision at 9 in the morning, two hours before the appearance, although Casa Real has not officially confirmed the visit.

Pedro Sanchez has decided to continue at the head of the Government: “I assume the decision to continue, with even more force if possible. This is not about the destiny of a particular leader. It is about deciding what type of society we want to be. Our country needs this reflection. We have been time letting the mud contaminate our public life,” he announced from the Moncloa Palace.

Once again, he has defended his wife’s innocence, Begoña Gomezagainst whom a Madrid court opened preliminary proceedings following a complaint filed by Clean Hands: “My wife and I know that this smear campaign will not stop, but we can handle it,” stated the president.

In this sense, the leader of the Executive added: “Demanding unconditional resistance means putting the focus on the victims and not the aggressors. This discredit campaign will not stop. We can handle it. The important thing is that we want to thank the expressions of solidarity received from all areas. Thanks to this mobilization, I have decided to continue leading the presidency.

After thanking “the social mobilization” that has influenced his decision to continue, he explained: “I ask Spanish society to once again be an example. The evils that afflict us are part of a global movement. Let us show the world how to defend democracy”.

Letter to citizens

Last Wednesday, April 24, in the afternoon, the president sent a letter to the citizens in which he announced that he was paralyzing his agenda for five days to reflect on his possible resignation.

The president made the decision following news related to his wife after a Madrid court opened preliminary proceedings against the director of the Chair to investigate the alleged commission of crimes of influence peddling and corruption in the private sector following a complaint filed by of Clean Hands. Hours later, on Thursday morning, we learned that the movement admitted the possibility that its complaint was based on fake news. “It will now be the judge who must verify whether said journalistic information is true or not,” they acknowledged in a statement.

Sánchez, in his letter to the public, wrote: “The severity of the attacks that my wife and I are receiving, and the need to give a calm response, make me think that this is the best way to express my opinion.” The president defended his wife’s innocence: “Many times we forget that behind politicians there are people. And I, I am not ashamed to say it, I am a man deeply in love with my wife who lives with helplessness the mud that they spread on her every day.” yes and day too.” And he stated, after “the falsehoods” that “right-wing and far-right” media have said about his wife: “At this point I wonder, is all this really worth it? I don’t know.”

Informalia He already announced on Thursday that Sánchez “conveyed his intentions to the king”, which at first were to resign.