Felipe VI and Letizia present their accounts: their salary, what they saved in 2022 and the money they have in the bank

Like every year since he ascended the throne in 2014, Philip VI has made public the accounts of the King’s House. In this way, we have known the money that the institution saved throughout 2022 and also the amount that they currently have in different banks.

As the Palacio de la Zarzuela published this Saturday, in 2022 the Royal House saved a total of 273,643 euros. Thus, they ended the previous year with a balance of 6.05 million euros, higher than the 5.8 million with which they closed 2021. The Casa del Rey has 631,363 euros in the Bank of Spain and 91,159 euros in cash. The rest, deposited in different financial entities.

The budget allocated by the Government to the Casa del Rey was 8.43 million euros. In order to make the movements public, the institution also reveals the salaries received by the members of the royal family during 2022. Felipe VI received 258,927 euros, Queen Letizia 142,402 and Queen Sofía 116,525.

The accounts of the kings have been made public during the period of their traditional holidays in Palma. This Thursday, Don Felipe, Mrs. Letiziahis daughters and the emeritus surprised by going to the cinema to see Barbie, the movie of the season. In recent weeks, the focus has also been on Sanxenxo. He King Juan Carlos he returned from Abu Dhabi to indulge in one of his favorite hobbies, boat racing. There she received a visit from her eldest daughter, the infanta elena.

on the part of the princess eleanor and the infanta sofiaThey are living a very special summer. They face a new decisive stage. After the end of her vacation, the heir to the throne begins her military training in Zaragoza and her sister follows in her footsteps by beginning her International Baccalaureate studies at UWC Atlantic College in Wales.