Felipe VI and Letizia, on the cover of ‘Point de vue’ after their trip to Denmark: “To the sound of the double step”

The state visit of Felipe VI and Letizia to Denmark continues to make headlines in the international press. The Kings appear on the cover of the French weekly Point of view with a review of their famous trip to the Scandinavian country invited by Queen Margaret (Aunt Daisy, as Don Felipe affectionately calls her).

On the inside pages, the publication dedicated an extensive report to the visit of the monarch and his wife to strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries. The content of this trip and the presence of the Kings ended up clouded (media speaking) by the photos of Crown Prince Federico with his friend Genoveva Casanova. The Readings images took everything away. The focus of the visit then focused on the Danish heir and his wife, Mary Donaldson, on their body language and non-verbal communication.

“Point de Vue”, which titles the trip of our Kings “Al son de un paso double” has on the cover a clear allusion to those photos of the Mexican with Federico walking through Madrid: “Tiaras and sentimental rumor”, quote.