Felipe VI and Letizia, at a cocktail with Leonor’s fellow cadets: this was the affectionate meeting

The Princess Eleanor The flag was sworn in this Saturday, October 7, in the parade ground of the General Military Academy of Zaragoza. With a kiss on the national flag, the heir to the throne promised to give her life for Spain. The ceremony was presided over by Felipe VI and the Queen Letizia. After the military ceremony, the monarchs met with their families and the rest of the cadets at a cocktail party.

King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia shared their “pride” and “joy” as parents with the families of the rest of the cadets, who also swore the flag this Saturday, October 7. After the ceremony, everyone gathered in the former student casino of the General Military Academy of Zaragoza to enjoy a relaxed cocktail.

During the meeting with the rest of Princess Leonor’s companions and their families, Felipe VI was very proud of his first-born daughter. “There is still a lot ahead of her, but without a doubt, just seeing how she has endured this first month, we have no doubt that you will overcome it well,” said the monarch. He publishes it The Herald of Aragon this Sunday.

Likewise, according to the aforementioned newspaper, Felipe VI also dedicated a few words to Leonor’s military companions. “To all of you who have lived through this difficult month, also with particularly harsh conditions in terms of weather, I wish you a lot of encouragement, may your morale not weaken in the face of difficulties. I believe that you have a brilliant training ahead of you and some crucial years of preparation.” , he has sentenced.

For her part, Mrs. Letizia spoke as a mother and assured: “I would like to share this important day with all the families and mothers. This joy that we feel for all the ladies and gentlemen cadets,” she noted. In addition, the queen made a special mention of the general director of the Academy (Manuel Perez), as well as the administration staff, kitchen cleaning and teachers. “Thank you for taking care of our young people and for accompanying them in this phase of training and this path towards maturity,” she concluded.