Felipe-Giménez, an iron defense to visit the Camp Nou

He Atlético will visit the Camp Nou with low focused on the defense center. If Hermoso fell from the call of the match against Alavés due to inconvenience, Savic saw his fifth yellow league of the course that will prevent him from playing against Barcelona. However Simeone has already recovered Felipe, who saw the game last Saturday from the bench and that apparently in training yesterday will be full The next Tuesday.

The Brazilian has missed the five games back to the competition due to a muscle injury. With 2,791 minutes played, Philip is probably the signing with better performance this season. The central one was slow to enter Simeone's onces, a player who has a hard time taking shape due to his weight and size, as Cholo recognized, but when it does it is a real wall. Safe with the ball, almost insurmountable in the melee and extraordinary in the aerial game, he is a central defender who does not need to accumulate fouls to be impassable. His takeoff coincided with Giménez's constant injuries, who only participated in three games between matchday 10 and 27.

But now the Uruguayan has returned in a state of outstanding form. Starting in four of the five return games, Giménez is very fast, tremendous above and with good ball handling. With continuity he wants to fulfill that mission of being the head of the rear with the departure of Godín, picking up his number '2' and moving to the left profile when he plays with Savic or with Felipe himself.

In total the couple between the Brazilian and the Uruguayan it has been established seven times start, with four wins and three draws for Atlético, although the last one was in the final of the Spanish Super Cup where Real Madrid took the title on penalties without Giménez on the grass (injured in the 98th minute). Between Celta (0-0), Lokomotiv (0-2), Valencia (1-1), Osasuna (2-0), Betis (1-2), Levante (2-1), goal of the Brazilian included and Real Madrid (0-0), Atlético only conceded three goals.

Athletic Shield / Flag

A couple Giménez-Felipe that for various reasons, especially physical could repeat very little, but that on paper is the ideal of Atlético and could establish itself as one of the strongest defense centers in the world. I look forward to seeing you together and tomorrow apparently they will have a litmus test against the Messi, Suarez or the exrojiblanco Griezmann.