Feliciano López and Sandra Gago will be parents for the second time in February

Feliciano Lopez y Sandra Gago you are in luck: she is three months pregnant of her second child with the former tennis player, thus giving little brother to two-year-old Dario. Although the sex of the baby is not yet known, what is clear is that the “good news” will have flooded both with joy.

The exclusive, offered this Wednesday by Holathus confirms the firm intentions that the man from Toledo already expressly explained for the same magazine on the occasion of his retirement from tennis in Mallorca: “At least I would like to have two or three, but we are going step by step. For now, we have Dario. Hopefully he will have a little brother soon, we don’t want him to be an only child and then, God willing and he has a brother, that’s it We’ll see,” explained Alba Carrillo’s ex in the interview held at the beginning of July.

In September, 4 years of marriage

After twenty years Feliciano, 41, will be able to focus from now on on his family, which will welcome one more member in the coming months. On September 20, the spouses will celebrate their fourth anniversary of weddings and, approximately, it will be in February when Sandra gives birth to the second child of the young couple.