Feijóo and his conversations with King Juan Carlos: he will do everything possible so that the emeritus can live in Spain

Week of maximum expectation for the return of the King Juan Carlos to Spain to attend his traditional appointment with the Sanxenxo regattas. In the midst of this panorama, new information has come to light about the claims that Alberto Núñez Feijóo with the emeritus if he manages to reach the Government after the general elections, which are held at the end of this year.

Through third parties, the leader of the popular and the father of Philip VI they would have been in talks, according to advance The Spanish this Monday. Feijóo, faithful defender of the monarchy, has promised him that he will do everything in his power so that he can live in Spain. Of course, as long as Don Juan Carlos himself wishes it and his son accepts it from Zarzuela. The emeritus, as a result of the delicate information about his fortune, set his fiscal residence in Abu Dhabi, where he has resided since the summer of 2020.

Feijóo, in short, intends to “restore” the image of Doña Sofía’s husband if he finally manages to break Pedro Sanchez and get to Moncloa. The Galician believes that his “institutional” legacy should be enhanced and that he should have more “humanity” with him. In addition, he thinks that in this way he could also improve the relationship between father and son, something that the politician would consider a priority.

On the other hand, he thinks that, when the time comes, King Juan Carlos should have an institutional farewell. This is how he transmits it to his environment, according to the same media outlet: “King Juan Carlos deserves a state funeral, with all the honors.”

The relationship between the former president of the Xunta de Galicia, 61, and Don Juan Carlos, 85, has always been close. Due to the king’s visits to Sanxenxo for his traditional appointment with the regattas, they have enjoyed dinners and meetings that consolidated their institutional and personal relationship. In addition, they have good friends in common.

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The father of the princesses Elena and Cristina returns this week to Spain to visit precisely Sanxenxo. He will stay in our country until next Sunday. He will take advantage of his time in the regattas to possibly also travel to Barcelona. However, for the moment he is stopping over in London, where he will enjoy a private lunch with Carlos III and also the Champions League match between Chelsea and Real Madrid on Tuesday.