Fede Valverde trains at Anfield and is ready to play

The Uruguayan midfielder Fede
Valverde trained normally in Anfield, recovered from the strong blow to the sole of the right foot suffered in the classic, and showed Zinedine
Zidane who is in a position to play against Liverpool this Wednesday the second leg of the quarterfinals of the football Champions League.

Real Madrid finished the preparation for the European event with a gentle training session at the legendary Anfield. With the losses of Sergio Ramos, Raphael
Varane, Luke
Vazquez, Dani Carvajal and the dismissal of Eden
Hazard, the 21 summoned completed the afternoon session.

Forced to pull homegrown players like Victor
Chust, Marvin Y Sergio
Arribas, Zinedine
Zidane closely followed the pending session of the state of Fede
Valverde. The Uruguayan completed the session with his teammates in a training session that began with rounds and activation exercises, before rehearsing the pressure and the exit of the ball plus a field in reduced dimensions.

As reported by Real Madrid on its website, the Madrid squad ended the session by making lateral centers and fine-tuning their aim with continuous shots on goal. Zidane's team faces the return of the quarterfinals with two goals ahead after winning 3-1 in the first leg played at the stadium Alfred