FC Barcelona: Quique Setin prioritizes the management of decline | LaLiga Santander 2019



The technician of Barcelona, ​​dragged by the crisis of the club, moves away from his work while the old guard gains ground again

Quique Setin, technician of Barcelona, ​​in the Bernabu.

If there is anything you can never reproach Quique Setin It is the clarity with which it is expressed. After confirming each in the Santiago Bernabu, the first of Barcelona in five seasons in the league tournament, the technician was asked about his insistence on the ownership of Arturo vidal. Not so much because of its mere presence, but because it again leads to the sacrifice of the third striker. We choose to have more control instead of taking certain risks, replied the technician.

The bench, well learned by Ernesto Valverde, reformulates all romanticism because the priority does not seem other than saving the neck. Even more when the coach in question manages a project in regression. A decline that is born in the box, with President Josep Maria Bartomeu willing to resist in the bnker, and fully reaches the locker room, with the old implacable guard in the defense of its territory.

Setin, then, has proposed to be another manager of the decline. Who knows if by obligation to a template so bored. Who knows if by mere instinct of survival. The injuries of Luis Surez and Dembl, in addition to the entity's poor performance in the transfer market, condition all good intentions. Although for now, neither the aesthetics nor the results reinforce the bet. In the Champions League, a single shot between sticks libr to the defeat team in Naples. In the League, and with the leadership in the hands of Real Madrid after a meeting in which the team vanished after the break, he has no choice but to always advance pending the stumbling block of his rival.

From the step back to the disappearance of Ansu Fati

Setin's step back and surrender to the old guard became evident before the Bernabu, in the San Paolo alignment. In front of a team like Gattuso's, willing to live in front of the goalkeeper's area, the technician embedded Arturo Vidal again in an indefinite position – between the end and the inside – and gave Rakitic, a footballer to whom he It is hard to hide the twilight. Griezmann remained on his islet, while Messi, forced again and again to go to the media area in search of the ball, went unnoticed. Ansu Fati played a couple of minutes. There were nine against Madrid. And Riqui Puig, in his mist. To star in the photo of hope at the premiere of Setin to oblivion.

Last week, in an interview with The vanguard, Setin was asked if there were no solutions in the quarry to which he could turn. The answer was clarifying: Sometimes taking that step is not easy. If I had the peace of mind that I am going to lose two games taking out two kids from the subsidiary and nothing is going to happen, because maybe s. (But) the kids have to know that it is not the same to replace a Betis player than to supply Surez, Busquets or Piqu. You could also check Junior Firpo. Setin preferred to force the ownership of Jordi Alba rather than play with the former btico.

It also worries the positional indefinite in which De Jong has fallen, increasingly close to the area. Each time further from decision making. Dragged into vulgarity.

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