Fayna Bethencourt, outraged by the latest statements by Carlos Navarro ‘El Yoyas’: “He is laughing at me, at Justice and at the president”

Fayna Bethencourt has reacted to the statements that Carlos Navarro El Yoyas He recently granted in an interview despite being wanted. The former contestant of Big Brother He fled from justice a year ago after being convicted of mistreatment.

“Carlos Navarro Merino is wanted and captured and, “If he has to ask for something, he should do it from prison.”Bethencourt has expressed in On everyone’s lips.

“He is laughing at me, at Justice, at the judge and even at the President himself. I have been denouncing this situation for a year and making it public, what cannot be is that some media outlets lend themselves to giving voice to it,” he added.

The Canarian woman, who admits to having a slight idea of ​​the whereabouts of her ex-husband, regrets that the Police “have not even” been “in contact” with the journalists who conducted the interview for the The world to find the whereabouts of El Yoyas.

Escaped and convicted of a continuing crime of abuse in the family, Navarro joked in his conversation asking the new Government of Pedro Sanchez “pardon or amnesty”, in addition to “condoning” his debts to the Treasury.

These statements come after being missing for a year. El Yoyas faces a search and arrest warrant after refusing to enter prison voluntarily to serve a sentence of five years and eight months in prison for a crime of continued abuse of the mother of his children.