The reaction of the former big sister after the first interview with Carlos Navarro, a fugitive from justice, has not been long in coming. Faynaex-wife of The Yoyasis outraged not only with the police but also with the press: “Someone’s journalistic ethics have been lost in the woods like Carlos”.

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The Canarian does not want to go into details but assures that “reality is stranger than fiction” and she only wants this nightmare to end: “I am still waiting for the law to act. Some journalists have found him, so I say that the police will be able to to find it”, he said in Outdoor.

On social networks, he has shared some of the messages he has received as a show of support: “This journalism that does not recognize violence against women is also violence. Ascazo.” And it is that many users criticized this weekend that the newspaper knew the whereabouts of a fugitive and agreed to interview him instead of calling the police to facilitate his whereabouts: “Abusers are not interviewed, they are handed over to Justice”.

This Sunday, Fayna sent a reassuring message to all her followers: “I’m fine, we’re fine. Eternally grateful to all those who have cared, asked questions and sent virtual hugs from those modern people who travel through the networks. Let’s just let go the rich, the good, whatever tickles the soul. The rest is dodged, swept away, and thrown into the abyss of oblivion. The bad is shaken off like carpet dust and holding our breath so as not to even sneeze.”

It must be remembered that Carlos Navarro has been sentenced to five years and eight months in prison by six crimes of mistreatment and harassment against his ex-wife and their children. On November 14, he should have appeared in court to begin his sentence, but he did not, so a search and arrest warrant was issued.