Father Ángel’s first words after being discharged from the hospital: how is he feeling?

He Father Angel He was discharged from the hospital this Thursday after spending three days admitted to a Madrid hospital, suffering from gastroenteritis. The 86-year-old clergyman himself reported on his state of health upon leaving the health center.

The priest feels “very grateful for the extraordinary care and support provided by the medical team and for all the expressions of affection and solidarity received.” Although the news of his admission broke last Tuesday, the clergyman was hospitalized the day before “for your observation a gastrointestinal problem of little seriousness,” communicated his foundation, Messengers of Peace.

The priest could not official the businessman’s funeral mass Fernando Fernandez Tapias last Tuesday due to his admission. At first it was known that the clergyman was being treated for a “stomach ailment” and, later, it was known that He suffered from gastroenteritis.

The Asturian clergyman was saddened not to be able to participate in the last farewell of his close friend. “On one occasion, when the earthquake in Haiti, He was one of the first to help us and he went there, to Haiti.. We have a school there named after him,” he said about the shipowner.

Ángel García Rodríguez founded Messengers of Peace in Oviedo in 1962. The foundation, dedicated to assisting children and the most vulnerable people, was awarded the Prince of Asturias Awards of Concord. Furthermore, among other distinctions for his social work and his dedication to the most disadvantaged, Father Ángel has been recognized with the Gold Medal for Merit in Work and the Gold Medal of Asturias.