Father Ángel moves the Virgin of Covadonga from Madrid to Oviedo on the new Ave to Asuturias

The AVE to Asturias, inaugurated by the King and the President of the Government at the end of November, this Christmas Day has an exceptional passenger, the Virgin of Covadonga. Father Angel García, founder of Messengers of Peace, moves to Oviedo the image of the “Santina” that presides over the church of San Antón, the parish of the Asturian priest in Madrid. It is an identical replica of the one found in the Covadonga cave.

As the image must formally occupy a seat and lacks a national identity document, it has been awarded the DNI of the RENFE president. The arrival of the priest and those accompanying him from the Madrid Santina is scheduled at Oviedo station at 1:53 p.m. They will be welcomed by bagpipe music and a choir that will sing their anthem, united with those Asturians who join this event.

It is 50 years since the arrival in Madrid of this image of the Virgin, a trip that was then made in a Seat-600, the iconic car of the time. From Oviedo, the delegation will travel to the nursing home in the town of Ciaño, where Father Ángel will have lunch with the elderly residents there.