Farré: “The brother of a player has signed for the motion of censure against Bartomeu”

Jordi Farré, promoter of the motion of censure against Josep Maria Bartomeu, went through the microphones of “El Larguero” from Cadena SER after obtaining the validation of more than 16,521 signatures necessary for the president of Barça to submit to a referendum.

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Locker room: “Someone was happy and we had the signature of the brother of a player from the first team.”

Resignation: “If they came to me with 20,000 signatures, I would not have held out until today. Now they will buy time with other things. They shuffled that the Generalitat would say that the referendum could not be called. This board should remove the hands of the club and leave but if it wants be the first censored president of the Barça club to reach a referendum “.

Resign or reach the referendum: “They have an incredible resilience capacity, they are fitters and the scandals that have occurred in this club can pass and they endure. Every day it surprises me. Today they told me that they were meeting to resign but the information I have is not that. delighted to get to the referendum and gamble there. In the end, Barça as an entity is what worries him least. “

Congratulations: “There is nothing to celebrate. We have done this to burden ourselves with a directive.”

Rivals: “I am waiting for you here. I am going to be the president of Barça. We have all the resources and if the members give us confidence, we will be in the club.”

Koeman: “If you have a project, explain it to us and we believe them why not.”

Klopp: “A colleague of ours spoke with Klopp's manager. Koeman is a Barça legend and he deserves respect. I like how they play these first games.”

Laporta: “No candidate has congratulated me.”

Losses: “Many scenarios have to be clarified. No one will be responsible for the losses of another. You cannot generate losses after losses. You have to analyze the numbers because I do not understand them. We are calm about the issue of the mandate. Last year they budgeted 1,000 million euros. euros to have a profit of two. Bartomeu was going off the cliff and in the end they have fallen “.