Fantasy Football Panic Meter, Playoff Edition: The Bijan Robinson crisis that Arthur Smith created

The Bijan Robinson disaster that Arthur Smith caused is shown on the Fantasy Football Panic Meter for the playoffs.

Obviously, drafting Christian McCaffrey, Raheem Mostert, as well as Tyreek Hill was the most important thing you could have done to win fantasy football in 2023.

This season, those three guys have been the most important ones. In reality, though, it was much easier to be truly happy and fulfilled in your dream life. All you had to do was stay away from the Alton Smith Theater of Pain.

This season has been a terrible ride for Atlanta’s offense. It all came to a head in Week 15 when they threw a terrible game and lost to the Panthers. Neither team scored 10 points or had 300 total yards.

Because of the loss, QB Desmond Ridder was put on the bench again, and team boss Arthur Blank didn’t really give Coach Smith a vote of confidence.

For Falcons fans or fantasy managers, one of the many frustrating things about Smith is that he doesn’t use his best offensive tools enough.

This issue goes back more than one year. The team keeps wasting early first-round draft picks on skill players who are only going to be used as fill-ins or extras.

At the same time, Jonnu Smith had the most yards (61), Tyler Allgeier had the most plays (15), and Cordarrelle Anderson scored only one touchdown.

Robinson dropped a fumble, which was only his third of the season along with first in more than a month. He was kicked off the team right away.

Yes, of course it is. A lot of people replied with different versions in the same answer. It was too much to handle.

The stress of Bijan has never been higher than it is now, as most fantasy leagues move on to the semi-finals.

It’s really a bad dream. Robinson played just 58 percent of the snaps against Carolina. This was his lowest percentage of the season, if you don’t count the headache mess in October.

Now, Atlanta is going to Indianapolis for a game that should be amazing for Robinson. This season, the Colts have given up the second-most rushing scores (20) as well as the fourth-most fantasy points to other backs.

Robinson would be a must-play in fantasy football this week if things were normal, like if the Falcons had a typical head coach.

He could win the league. Instead, we’re waiting for any small sign of hope about Bijan’s use from a teacher we can’t trust.

There’s no way Allgeier is leaving—he’s had 10 or more touches in nine games this season—but he might be able to work well with Robinson in a run-heavy situation.

We only need reassurances from someone (preferably someone who can make decisions) that Bijan’s sentence for fumbling won’t last forever.

You should also know that fantasy managers often take to social media to vent their anger when something goes wrong with an individual on the field.

This time, Bijan Robinson was the center of attention. The young star for the Atlanta Falcons has had a volatile season. Even though he’s been on a roll lately, fantasy football players hate Arthur Smith, the coach of the Atlanta Falcons, very much.

This was happening on Sunday, during which he ran the ball seven times for eleven yards and caught one pass out of three attempts for three yards. Also, losing a fumble was awful.

There are different opinions on the Yahoo Fantasy team right now about whether Robinson should be trusted in this important week. You can’t blame managers for being nervous as they watch Week 15 of the NFL season. It’s the fantasy football playoffs.

One of us went all-in and put him at RB6, whilst the others put him at RB14 and RB16, which were meant to be cautious rankings that show both his potential and the chance of what happened last Sunday.

This is where scores really fall short: they’re not a good way to show how we feel about people whose actions could go in a lot of different directions.

This week, Robinson is a part of the messiest roster choice I have to make. This is in a league with a lot of strange rules and incentives.