Fabiola Martínez breaks down in tears in the midst of Bertín Osborne's new parenthood

Bertin Osborne is the protagonist of the social chronicle this Wednesday for the birth of his seventh child, the cousin with the Paraguayan physiotherapist Gabriela Guillén. The ranchera singer has starred in a juicy exclusive in which he has clarified the reason why he is going to ask for a paternity test. “What if it is confirmed that he is mine? I am a responsible guy and I will help and take care of whatever I have to take care of. (…) Simply, I have decided that I am not going to be a father. I don't want to be a father“.

The other side of the coin is in Fabiola Martinez, to the artist's ex-wife, who has been photographed on the street while breaking down in tears. As shown Week on its interior pages, next to it was Eugenia Osborne, the singer's middle daughter. The two left in the same car after sharing a series of confidences that destroyed Fabiola.

It must be remembered that a few weeks ago there was talk again about the relationship between the Venezuelan woman and Bertín's daughters.. Alejandra, Eugenia and Claudia They did not attend an event of the Bertín Osborne Foundation organized by Fabiola, the president of the foundation: “Eugenia is traveling, Alejandra is in Seville and Claudia has a very advanced belly”clarified Martínez. He also justified the absence of the father of his children: “Bertín is recording, he is not in Madrid”.

During the marriage of the singer and the businesswoman, the daughters of the artist and Fabiola were very close. Also after the separation at the beginning of 2021, although it is inevitable that things have changed.

Bertín talks about Fabiola

In his exclusive checkout, the presenter not only spoke about Gaby Guillén, but also about Fabiola: “I miss life as a couple, yes, but with nuances… The one I miss is Fabiola. Very much. Fabiola is the most important woman. Fabiola is an example in everything. She is a beastly companion. Apart from what we all know, that she is a committed mother and everything you want, she, as a partner, is a 10. He's been a 10 all his life… It has been wonderful to share my life with her and my relationship with her is wonderful. “Great.”

He assures that his ex-wife continues to be a fundamental pillar in his life: “And I want it to remain that way because not only is she the mother of my children, but because she is unrepeatable. What's more, I don't think that my life is distant and separate.” of her in every way: I still see her and I still talk to her several times a week. She knows that, at any moment in life, I will always be there. Because I adore her. “She is a woman of a very unusual level and category.”

Gone are those statements in which he confessed that he had never been in love and that they deeply bothered the Venezuelan, to the point that Fabiola herself spoke about it in another exclusive in which she brought out what she had inside: “When Bertín said that he had never been in love, my flesh opened,” the actress then acknowledged. mother of Kike and Carlos. “It gave me peace to know that I was doing everything I could to have a beautiful, respectful relationship, a relationship that was not very easy because of his age, because of his profession, but I tried to make it balanced.”