Express penalty for Umtiti

Samuel Umtiti is out for Sánchez Pizjuán. The Frenchman will not play in Seville. He saw yellow in the 83rd minute and he demonstrated once again that, despite Setien's confidence, it is not his year at Barça. Umtiti was the first injured in confinement. The soleus injury has prevented him from reaching one hundred percent at the restart of LaLiga. He did not play in Mallorca but Setién was not reserving it. It wasn't right. He was not a starter against Leganés either. On the contrary, he was left to give Piqué a few minutes of rest. But even then he did not fulfill his task. He came out in the 73rd minute and in the 83rd he was already yellow for an untimely entry. It will be low in Seville, where Piqué and Lenglet will be the headlines.