expecting a baby from Carlo Costanzia

Alejandra Rubio y Carlo Costanzia They are going to be parents. A news that the daughter of Terelu Campos and the first-born of Mar Flores announce exclusively. She, who is 24 years old, visited a pharmacy exactly three months ago and bought several pregnancy tests, as we told exclusively at the time. Guess how much she says she is?

The son of Mar Flores, who is 31 years old, and the granddaughter of María Teresa Campos have not been in a relationship much longer, since when she wanted to know if she was pregnant they had been in a love affair for two months. They say that Hello He has paid a fortune for the news, posing and interview included. There they say that they are very excited about the idea of ​​starting their own family. They also explain that They found out during a getaway to Jávea with friends when they had only been together for two months: that is, when Informalia He said that he had taken the tests.

He also says that the news has brought them even closer together and that they face it more in love and convinced that they will be great friends. They were always clear that they wanted to have it. Always, for them, it’s been five months.

3 months and 2 weeks pregnant

Alejandra is 3 months and 2 weeks pregnant, so the baby will be born in December. And although they still don’t know the gender, Carmen Borrego’s niece confesses that she would love for it to be a girl, although she doesn’t believe she will follow the family tradition of naming her Teresa, like her mother and her grandmother, at first. her daughter As for how their respective mothers reacted when they were told that they were going to be grandmothers, the influencer reveals that Terelu was the first one she told, and that the presenter “freaked out” but said that she would “support” them. And as for Mar, Carlo confesses that she took it “better than he expected” although she was a little “shocked” by the news.