Exclusive: Isabel Preysler’s clandestine summer in Marbella at the home of a former billionaire banker

Discretion and absolute privacy. That’s how the holidays have been Isabella Preysler in her first summer without a boyfriend. Exactly one year ago, Isabel and Mario Vargas Llosa rested and regained their strength at the Buchinger clinic in Marbella, an establishment that the Peruvian writer and his wife, Patricia Llosa, have frequented all their lives. Precisely a few weeks ago, as we anticipated from Informalia, the Nobel laureate and his ex-wife returned to the clinic together as in the old days. But in August 2022, during the happy stay of the Filipina and the man who has been her last love up to now (and for almost eight years), there was nothing to imagine that just four months later they would star in such an abrupt and unfriendly breakup.

It is understood that the vacations that Preysler has spent in Marbella this summer have been almost clandestine, so as not to give visibility to his current situation, somewhat sentimentally out of place. Isabel has always been a woman who has lived with a man and she has not hidden her relationships, in discreet and little-known beginnings, like the ones she lived with Carlos Falcó, Miguel Boyer or Vargas Llosabut that he confirmed publicly when it suited him and sometimes charging.

This summer has been very different. Her previous visit to Marbella had been with Vargas Llosa, who this August walked through the town in Malaga with the mother of his children, a humiliating message and indifference towards Isabel. For this reason, Preysler’s stay in Marbella this summer has been as a guest of his friends Jose Maria Amusategui and his wife Amaliawhom she already treated very intimately during her marriage to Miguel Boyer.

Amusátegui is the banker who received one of the highest compensations in the economic history of Spain when he left Banco Santander Central Hispano (BSCH). His settlement amounted to 43.5 million euros, in addition to gross annual income of more than 6 million euros from the life pension granted to him by the BSCH, today Banco de Santander, and another half million, from Unión Fenosa .

The Amusátegui couple is generous, they take great care of their friends, especially Isabel Preysler, quite alone today and whom they have always protected in bad times.

Summer is not over yet and it is possible that Preysler will travel to Miami to be with his children Chábeli and Enrique, with whom he fills the void in his current life.