Exclusive: Ángel Cristo, Bárbara Rey's son, first bombshell signing of Survivors

The son of Barbara Rey A few months ago he decided to make the jump to television to solve his financial problems by destroying his mother for episodes in exchange for money and it seems that he is here to stay. As Informalia has learned, the son of the tamer who died 14 years ago is finalizing the details of his participation in Survivors. Everything indicates that Angel Christ Jr. will compete in the reality show that will premiere in spring and will be presented by Jorge Javier Vazquez. The format will mean a return to the sets of Badalona after the withdrawal of Save me and the resounding failure of Chinese Stories.

There are already some names on the table, such as Carmen Borrego, of which the weekly cache has even been published, about 17,000 euros to travel to Honduras to overcome his fears and jump from the helicopter. Now we can reveal that Sofia's brother Cristo will be one of her companions. The Puqueña daughter of María Teresa Campos did not view favorably the statements that Bárbara Rey's son made in Friday and, in fact, defended the former featured from his chair This is life. The scuffle between them is guaranteed.

It is a new situation for Bárbara Rey, who, according to her other daughter this week, is going through a deep depression after Ángel's intervention in the program hosted by Santi Acosta and Beatriz Archidona. As Sofía revealed, the actress, who turns 74 in two weeks, is doing everything to get out of this hole: “It is destroyed and in the hands of professionals, doing everything and more to overcome it. She goes for a walk and goes to join the gym. But my brother is being very ungrateful because my mother does not deserve this with all the defects she may have. The virtues they have should outweigh the negatives. My brother has the same Angel face that my father had, but we are going to go to the end. “We have two lawyers and we are going to sue whoever deserves it.”

Recording his own mother with Juan Carlos I in intimate situations

It must be remembered that Ángel Cristo on the set of Santi Acosta accused his mother of blackmailing Juan Carlos I, putting sleeping pills in her bottles and forcing her to record her in intimate situations with the king emeritus. Ángel even justified the fraudster's mistreatment of his mother: “My father was abusive and my mother was complicated and in many ways it drove him crazy.

Because of these statements they say that the tamer's son He earned around 130,000 euros. Money that he apparently needs after losing his job. Furthermore, at 43 years old, he is not going through a good personal moment, he has a new girlfriend, but the mother of his daughter reported him for mistreatment and he spent a night in the cell. According to a family friend, “last year he was caught driving under the influence of various substances and he has a complaint for assaulting a police officer in 2010,” according to a friend on Antenna 3.

As if this were not enough, Ángel is not in very good health, according to what his girlfriend Herminia said on television. She said that she recently suffered a stroke that has left scars on her left arm, so if she travels, they will have to pay close attention to her.