Exclusive: Alejandra Rubio herself negotiated the interview with Carlo Constanza, her boyfriend, on Friday

They have been together since last February and no one gave a damn about their relationship, but little by little, Alejandra Rubio and Carlo Constanzia are stabilizing. He already knows his mother-in-law, Terelu Campos, and Alejandra knows Mar Flores, although in different contexts. with the daughter of Maria Teresa Campos They met and met the model by chance. Terelu is a close friend of Nuria González, widow of Fernández Tapias, and her friendship with Mar Flores, who was the businessman’s girlfriend, is not easy.

Alejandra and the Italian do not live together. Carlo continues to live in a rental apartment in the Madrid neighborhood of Vallecas and she continues to live in Pozuelo, also in a rental house, very close to her mother’s. At the moment there is no intention to take another step but, apparently, they have not ruled it out either. She, at 24 years old, from the moment she turned 18 she began to make her way on television and, although she has started Law and Fashion and now she has leaned towards acting.

Of Carlo Costanzia, At 31 years old, the same cannot be said. After taking his first steps as a model and in the world of acting, he took a wrong step and was sentenced for fraud to two years in prison, which he is serving to this day. But at the moment he doesn’t have a job. Hence, he has given two interviews on television that are getting him out of trouble. The first one, he negotiated with a representative, but this second one, as Informalia has learned, has not been like that. On this occasion it was another person who was in charge of negotiating the interview.

Surprisingly, as they slide Informalia, the person who managed, negotiated and closed Carlo Constanzia’s second interview with the program DeViernes, that is, who has acted as its representative, it has been Alejandra Rubio. Yes, she, the one who gets angry with the press when they ask her about this relationship, the one who has publicly said she feels harassed, the one who sits on the sets and says that she doesn’t talk about her private life (even if it’s the only thing she does). is the person who has seated her boyfriend on a television plate so that, among other things, he can talk about the relationship they both have and end up dramatizing how much they love each other with a tender hug in front of the cameras. The only doubt is whether he will have pocketed 20% of the money agreed for the interview corresponding to the representation commission. She maintains, and we have no reason not to believe her, that she did not charge anything either for her fleeting appearance that night with her boyfriend.

More than 25,000 euros

But, according to reliable sources, it was Terelu’s daughter who spoke with the producers of Friday (Mandarina) to negotiate the cache that Carlo had to perceive and also make clear the issues on which he would not dwell. And although in the program Fiesta, from the same channel but produced by Ana Rosa, said that he pocketed 25,000 euros for this interview, what they tell Informalia is that it was much more, although the final amount is quite far from the figures that Friday is offering in cases of more cache. Perhaps they took advantage of Alejandra’s inexperience in these issues.

This situation clashes with the position of the granddaughter of Maria Teresa Campos who boasts that she does not talk about her private life despite working to give her opinion about that of others. Who knows if after this first role as a representative, she becomes encouraged and begins to assume this role with other people. There is no shortage of friends and colleagues to do it.

Carlo was not bad in that interview From Friday. He spoke about his brothers, arrested in Italy for attempted murder, his current situation with the justice system and his relationship with Alejandra; She recounted her first date, her first kiss, and even got a surprise. At the end of the interview, before saying goodbye to her, María Teresa Campos’ daughter burst onto the set to be with her boy at that moment. Everything very prepared by her.