Everything you need to know about Taylor Swift’s two Madrid concerts (whether you go or not)

The tour The Eras Tour de Taylor Swift arrives in Spain. The American singer performs at the Real Madrid stadium on Wednesday the 29th and Thursday the 30th but the capital will have to sacrifice something to offer the greatest show in the world, one of the most anticipated, expensive and profitable. Taylor Swift sings, is the songwriter and co-producer of her songs, and is the producer of the tour and the concert film (can be seen on Disney +).

Madrid shields itself to receive Taylor Swift and her 123 trailers: Neighborhood protests, schools handing out instruction manuals to students and parents, streets blocked for several days, two merchandising areas where friendship bracelets can be exchanged, and theme parties in cool places invade Madrid. The magnitude of the event is unimaginable but one fact indicates the power of the organizers and promoters: the calendar of a day of football has been changed to be able to set up the stage in time.

The odyssey to be at the Bernabéu began months ago, when tickets went on sale. Now the most committed fans, the swifties, will queue for days to get into privileged spots on the track (where there are still tickets for a few 400 euros on resale for both days) and they will be able to stock up with whatever they carry or at one of the establishments that provide food and drink in the area, which have extended hours and have authorization to be open almost without interruption. The unconditional fans who do not have to travel to the city will camp from this Tuesday around the stadium to get in first at the two concerts that the Pennsylvanian gives in Spain. The artist performs 45 songs in each one, for three and a quarter hours, a madness in which she uses all of her studio albums except her first. The concert is divided into 10 blocks (the eras of the name of the tour), one for each album except the one that fuses Folklore and Evermore. Each one has its own scenery and costumes. Every night there are two surprise songs. Fans from all over the world take to the capital guided by her star. In Spain Taylor has only performed once in her entire career; she was at the Palacio de Deportes in Madrid in 2011.

Martínez Almeida He already explained that the city council guarantees operation in the vicinity of the stadium so that, for example, schoolchildren can attend their classes. The streets that will be cut are unknown. Emergency and security services have been reinforced and reorganized to absorb the tsunami and manage the necessary device. Inma Sanz, special, vice mayor and delegate of Security and Emergencies. Annoyances such as noise cannot be avoided: only the murmur of the crowds (without a concert) raises the level above 85 decibels (after 11 p.m., the maximum allowed is 40).

They are going to be installed of carps: one in La Castellana, near the Bernabéu, and another in the San Fernando park. In total, these areas will house the 123 trailers that make up Taylor Swift’s entourage. Attendees, swifties and curious, will be able to buy, exchange bracelets, enjoy the previous atmosphere, buy souvenirs, or go to the bathroom, because they will have toilets. The protocol detailing the streets that will be closed and the special bus service that will be enabled is now available on the website. Metro de Madrid confirms that frequencies will be increased, although hours will not be extended.

The hotel where Taylor and her large entourage are said to be staying is said to be the Four Seasons, although it is not confirmed. Among the familiar faces who will attend, beyond the privileged celebrities patriots, there is talk of the assistance of Obama (they attended Bruce Springsteen’s concert in Barcelona last year) or the actor Ryan Reynolds and his Blake Lively, confessed fans of their compatriot. Reynolds is promoting the movie, ‘If’.

2 billion dollars

Taylor Swift’s tour exceeded one billion dollars in revenue when it had not yet reached the halfway mark: with 60 concerts in eight months. When The Eras Tour Once the 152 scheduled shows end in December, the figure will reach two billion. duplicate. Each performance reports net profits of more than 15.6 million euros, triple what Bruce Springsteen earns per performance; That is without adding the benefits of merchandising, which halfway through the tour already amounted to another 200 million euros.

Stage It has a curved screen of fabulous dimensions and is projected to the center of the stadium thanks to a walkway with two spaces: a central rhombus and a rectangular final part that forms a T. Taylor Swift’s home, that is, Real Madrid, He maintains that the stadium’s old noise problems have been fixed with the remodeling and that the acoustics are very good. The Spanish promoter, Last Tour, recalled, however, that Telefónica’s centenary performances did not sound good, when Alejandro Sanz, Hombres G and Ana Mena gave a concert three weeks ago.

Even so, the expectation is maximum and being on at least one of the two nights watching Taylor Swift is almost an object of desire: the North American proposes a unique show of colossal dimensions. The last time the most profitable actress and singer on the planet toured was in 2018. Since then, the artist has recorded five albums, the last of which is a double album: Lover (2019), Folklore (2020), Evermore (2020), Midnights (2022) and The Tortured Poets Department, published a month ago. Due to her problems with her previous record company, she has completely re-recorded her old albums (Fearless, Red, Speak Now and 1989), to own the rights to her music.