Everything that Belén Esteban reproaches her former representative, Agustín Etienne: Rocío Carrasco has a lot to do with it

bethlehem esteban is that trill after new information about her has come to light and Augustine Etiennewho was his representative, formerly of Arantxa de Benito and current boyfriend of Olga Moreno. The people’s princess cut professional ties with him almost two years ago, just as she announced this portal for the first time on her day.

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A well-known weekly assured a few days ago that he had been fired for maintaining contact with Tono Sanchis, the man who did so much damage in the professional field. The collaborator of Save me He denied it this Monday in his program.

“It is not true. It is not true that I do not talk to him because he has a relationship with Toño Sanchís. I decided to break the relationship with him for a number of reasons and because I am already a person capable of taking my things by myself, “he explained. .

Belén did not want to go into many details about the real reasons, although she began to give the odd brushstroke: “When I did a report, I had to fight with the headline. There were things that I did not agree with and time has given me the reason (…) I spoke with him and then the relationship broke off”.

In this sense, he added: “I did not have to defend myself. But when we did a report I saw that it was not like before. I have worked very well with him, but when I do a couple of reports and I have to fight for the holder… That hurts me. Because that has to be done by the representative”.

In the portfolio of representatives of the Argentine were then Antonio David Flores y Rocio Floresalthough she insists that this had nothing to do: “He took people with whom I did not agree. I am not referring to Rocío Flores or anything like that. But they gave me information … I don’t like Let them manipulate me and I’m not going to go in there. I can’t defend lies,” Belén explained.

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And after taking so many detours, the tertullian ended up opening the melon: “In the demand of Rocío [Carrasco] I see myself in a story that shouldn’t have seen me”. It must be remembered that the daughter of La eldest sued her for revealing secrets. Judging by Belén’s words, for releasing information on television that would have reached her? from Etienne himself?: “I ate the lawsuit by myself,” he lamented. Rociito finally withdrew the lawsuit, precisely after the collaborator sided with him in his testimony against the former civil guard.

Despite everything, Esteban assured that Agustín is light years away from Sanchís, who has been sued for criminal charges and who continues to claim a whopping 300,000 euros: “I can’t compare him with Toño because he has no point of comparison, but I do see things that I don’t like. I talk to him, he gives me his opinion and, in my opinion, I was not wrong. After 20 years we have ended up like this, it’s a shame”.

Finally, the princess of the town recalled with pain the day that Etienne was found in the corridors of Mediaset and he did not even look at her: “It hurt me a lot to find him here and that he did not greet me. Or the day I broke my leg .. A WhatsApp, I would have appreciated it…”, he sentenced.