Even though Dak Prescott has been having a bad game, Brock Purdy is probably the MVP choice after the 49ers’ big win.

Even though Dak Prescott has been having a bad game, Brock Purdy is probably the MVP choice after the 49ers’ big win.

Brock Purdy was recovering from major elbow surgery in the summer, so it didn’t seem possible. It also wouldn’t have made sense last season, when Purdy wasn’t well known.

He is making a strong case to be the NFL’s Most Valuable Player, even if he doesn’t become the top quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers.

When the time comes, Purdy’s chances for a possible No. 1 seed will be too good to pass up.

There are doubts about how talented Purdy really is and whether his performance is due to the players near him and Kyle Shanahan’s play calling.

However, the performance has to be important. There isn’t a better quarterback in the National Football League this season than Purdy.

With a 45–29 win across the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, Purdy’s great season kept going. He only tried 25 times and completed 16, but he got 242 yards as well as four scores.

Purdy has had an incredibly productive season. His per-play stats numbers are great, and his passer rating is the best in the NFL. He plays for what most people think is the best team in the NFL.

Before Week 15, Purdy’s biggest MVP rival was Dak Prescott, but he had a bad day with the Dallas Cowboys in their loss by the Buffalo Bills.

Prescott didn’t throw for more than 100 yards until the Cowboys were down 31-3 in the fourth quarter. That works out really well for Purdy.

There are still players like Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson, along with Jalen Hurts in the running. This season, Purdy did the thing he has always done: he found their playmakers downfield.

Prescott has a strong case, even though the Cowboys lost badly to Allen’s Bills on Sunday, but Purdy should be in the lead after putting up big numbers again on Sunday.

Deebo Samuel caught two scores, one of which was a great back-shoulder catch in the closing quarter. That had been Purdy’s fourth touchdown pass of the game.

Christian McCaffrey added two touchdown catches, including a 41-yarder when the Cardinals defenders lost track of him while he was open far downfield.

He might have an even better case for MVP than Purdy if the awards voting wasn’t so focused on quarterbacks. McCaffrey also scored a touchdown by running the ball.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, yet the San Francisco 49ers win a game with a dominant offensive showing. Their young player Brock Purdy had another MVP-caliber game before that.

It would be wrong to say that it was all Purdy’s work. Running runner Christian McCaffrey and receiver Deebo Samuel each scored five touchdowns in Week 15’s 45–29 win over the Arizona Cardinals, which sealed the NFC West.

Through the end of the game, Purdy completed 16 out of 25 passes, gaining 242 yards and scoring four touchdowns.

One of these was a clever back-shoulder throw which was definitely a result of the system and had nothing to do with Purdy’s amazing accuracy and considerable strength.

San Francisco’s main goal is clearly to win a sixth Lombardi Trophy, but it’s also worth noting that Purdy’s main competition for MVP had a terrible game, which will almost certainly make him the favorite to win the award on his own.

QB Dak Prescott of the Dallas Cowboys had a bad game on Sunday. This led to a 31-10 loss to the Buffalo Bills. He made 21 out of 34 passes over 134 yards and threw one interception.

It wasn’t his day, but the 49ers are very happy that Dallas lost. When the season is over, Purdy may lift more than one coveted trophy.

With their win over the Cardinals, the Niners haven’t had that problem. They are now 11-3, so if the Philadelphia Eagles don’t fix their problems against the Seattle Seahawks in Monday Night Football, a win there could give San Francisco a hand on that desired No. 1 seed.

On the other hand, the 49ers’ offense was strong enough to beat the Arizona Cardinals 45–29 in front of a large crowd of fans in the away stadium.

They are now 11-3 on the season and have won the NFC West title. The team led by Coach Kyle Shanahan moved one step closer to having home-field edge in the NFC.

If the 49ers win their last three games, you will be the No. 1 seed in the playoffs and get to go directly to the first round.

The only games left for them are on Christmas night against the Baltimore Ravens, on the road against the Washington Commanders, as well as home against the Los Angeles Rams to end the season.

When they beat the Cardinals, the 49ers proved to be the best team in the NFC West. It was the 49ers’ 12th straight win against teams in the same division.