Eva Soriano claims “the rights of the ugly” after being related to Maxi Iglesias: “They have made me look like a monstrosity”

Showing off his good humour, Eva Soriano has responded with a reflection to the rumors of a supposed night of passion, kisses and affection that I would have shared with Maxi Churches in a nightclub in Madrid last April.

“I have been associated in the tabloid media with a guy. Well, I have read some to see what they say and I have realized a dynamic that is repeated on several occasions: it is put in many media that ‘how lucky I am ‘, ‘How lucky Eva is to be with this jato,’ he explained in his program, Special bodies.

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The presenter complains about the fact that “her luck” is that she has been able to relate to a “beautiful” person and they leave her “as if she were the eyesore”. “Did I get the Euromillion? Did I have to return the Treasury? Did the test show that I had no cholesterol? Lucky what? Am I ugly Betty?” She asked ironically.

“I’ll tell you one thing. The handsome man hasn’t wanted anything. The handsome man is handsome because he is handsome, but nevertheless, the ugly one works hard, the ugly one has an opposition there, the ugly one is there… That in the end people are like Kindergarten eggs, there are people who buy them from the outside, for the chocolate, and there are people who buy them from the inside… the two parts are the same, so let’s stop trying to people as if we were second class for being with a handsome man”, concluded Soriano.

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It should be noted that the actor, through his social networks, flatly denied that he had anything with the comedian. “I take advantage of the fact that I am here to say that I do not like false news and that things are said that are not true …”, he wrote on his Instagram profile before his more than two million followers.