Euroleague: Garuba and Tavares sign the seventh followed by Madrid | Euroleague 2019



The white team defeats Asvel Villeurbanne (87-78) thanks to the work under the rings of the young promise and the Cape Verdean pvot

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Usman Garuba (right) celebrates a basket during the match.

Pablo Laso uses a very accurate expression to talk about Usman Garuba: “Basketball falls.” It seems that bounces fall on his hands. That the ball always passes through its area. To explain it, the Vitorian coach pulls the proverb: 'To him who walks, it happens'. And when Garuba is on the track a lot of things happen to him. About to turn 18, the haul begins to accumulate a good sheet of decisive services. The last, to add the seventh victory followed in the Euroleague against ASVEL Villeurbanne (87-78). (Narration and statistics)

Garuba's game is summed up in two moments. The first, leaving obfuscated to the bench after a career of those silly mistakes that reveal age. Shaking his head and hiding the anger in the towel. The second, crushing the hoop and taking out bceps. Helping Real Madrid straighten a strange game.

Because it was one of those rare nights when things don't end up going out. What else being the third game in five days of that crazy calendar that has left the extension of the Euroleague. Scoring well of three (10/23), but yielding too much in the paint. Delivering 20 assists, but losing 16 balls. And in that tug of war, that trantrn tow and with the legs loaded, the ASVEL climbed to the beards.

With the duties of the Euroleague still on the table (after the ticket for the playoffs is to ensure the court factor), Laso put two teenagers in the initial quintet, Garuba and Nakic. None stood out in a gray boot, but while Garuba had the option to make up for it in the second half, Nakic Will not re-enter the match. Not everyone can go at the same speed as the hauling.

Bounce and defense

On a very uninspired night, Real Madrid managed to grab the game based on a good job on the rebound, an improvement in defense and scoring shots of Carroll (19), Causeur (15) and the impulses of Rudy Fernndez, Tavares Y Laprovittola. For not being at all, it was almost not Campazzo, inspired in the last month, but which the French defense managed to get out of point by pressing the boat very closely, forcing it to go to the left.

Only in the last quarter Real Madrid could conjure the efforts and control an ASVEL fighter, combination of warriors like Kahudi, Jean-Charles or Yabusele with young people with projection like the jewel Theo Maledon (12 points) or Strazel (eleven). Only Tavares finally managed to impose his law and Garuba, in full collective flood, things began to happen to him. A two plus one, a triple or a mate to track the seventh victory.

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