Euroleague: A Real Madrid without hangover: exhibition in Istanbul | Euroleague 2019

Fenerbahe 65 Real Madrid 94



The whites, led by Carroll and Tavares and with a great Garuba, devastate the Obradovic das team after winning the Cup

Tavares doubles a ball against Kalinic in Istanbul.

The classification says that all victories are worth the same. The mood states say there are some that are worth extra. That of Real Madrid at Fenerbahce's house is one of those. By rival and by stage, but also by authority, for the casualties, which were many and weight, and why they came to the rescue, is one of the most important of the season. With a fantastic Jaycee Carroll in the lead, Pablo Laso's ran over one of the best teams in Europe. (65-94: Narration and statistics)

It is not that Fenerbahce arrived on a roll, but in recent weeks he has been showing the most realistic face of a team with wicker wannabe to the King of Europe. With De Colo more integrated, Datome and Sloukas with a better tone than at the beginning of the year, with Vesely already recovered, was more ogre than the one who fell on the first day at the WiZink Center. And yet, it was he who fell against Real Madrid where everything worked as Pablo Laso would have asked.

As I asked, in fact, because the Vitorian technician already warned in the previous one that Real Madrid did not sign to cover the loss of Randolph, with an avera on the finger that could have it almost two months stopped. “It has to be everyone's business, not that one supplants another,” Laso said. And so it was on the first night that I must prove it. From Carroll, that after the bump that happened in January kept the good everything of the Cup (20 points) until Usman Garuba, holder and outstanding to his 17 years in a field of which they give decorations.

As he did at the beginning of the year, when Tap Thompkins's absence, the manchego left details of those who remember that under that privileged physicist there is much incarnation. The obvious ones, like two caps to Kalinic, and the most subtle. Like the game with Edy Tavares, who slaughtered a Fenerbahce too fragile under the hoop (16 points, 8 rebounds). Real Madrid scored 50 points in the Turkish painting and took almost half (11) of the rebounds of the rival ring (23).

Thompkins (14) and Mickey (12), also damaged in the area, lowered their shoulders to carry the weight of the score to be missed without Randolph. Laprovittola responded, submerged in that ups and downs that is being his season (9 points, 7 assists) and brill Campazzo, MVP of the Cup, without the need to score a single basket (8 assists). In short, one of those round victories that deny a classification: not all are worth the same.

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