Eugenia Silva mourns the death of her father: “You gave me all your unconditional love”

Antonio Silvafather of Eugenia Silva, has died at the age of 76 due to an illness that has not been disclosed. The model, without giving many details, has communicated the sad news about her through an emotional post on Instagram where she said goodbye to him.

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“It’s a fact, I had the best father in the world. As an example of life, you gave me all your unconditional love and that’s how you always hugged me. I love you,” he wrote on his profile along with two photos of both.

Father and daughter had a very special relationship and the businesswoman would have spent the last moments of her life with him. In addition to Eugenia, the ex-prosecutor would have had with his wife Maria Eugenia Hernandez two more children, Agnes y José.

Antonio was in charge of the Segovia Provincial Prosecutor’s Office for 18 years, where he held the position of chief prosecutor until his retirement in April 2019. Although he was born in Jerez, much of his life was spent in Toledo for his work, and there he was where his daughter Eugenia was born. That is why her model has always kept a very special affection for the city that saw her grow, and for which she was awarded the Castilla-La Mancha Gold Medal last year. Eugenia has the best support of all at this time: her husband, Alfonso de Bourbonand their two children, Alfonsito and Jerónimo, 8 and 6 years old.