Eugenia Osborne mourns the death of her daughter Leticia: “It was only you and me in the world”

Eugenia Osborne He knows what was the hardest moment of his life. It happened ten years ago, shortly after giving birth to little Sandra and Leticia. The latter died a few days later, which was a hard blow for her parents. The daughter of Bertin Osborne He remembered the little girl through an emotional text on Instagram.

“Ten years have passed, so quickly… The two and a half months that followed were probably some of the hardest of my life, but as soon as I arrived at the hospital and could touch her, everything stopped,” read the first lines of the publication, which contains a photograph of the birthday party that her family prepared for Sandra. In some way, her sister was present in the environment. Her mother remembers her with great pain, but also with great affection.

“Both good and bad did not exist at that time. It was just you and me in the world. And somewhere your sister Leticia accompanied us at all times. “I love you both with all my soul,” she says in her text.

A few words after which she has received the support of her sisters. Through a comment, Claudia has referred to her as “the best mom in the world”, while Alejandra has written to her that her “heart has shrunk.”

“I have a lump in my throat (some tears have also fallen), What hard moments, how long being a champion… you were an example and you continue to be. I love you so much,” reads her message.

What happened to Eugenia Osborne’s daughter?

Eugenia Osborne was admitted to the hospital in 2013, pregnant with twins, and at risk of premature birth. He remained there for six days barely able to move out of bed. until the little ones were born.

Sandra did it through natural birth, because “she was the one who was stuck the most and couldn’t get out.” For her part, Leticia came into the world by cesarean section. “It took me two days to see them because it was difficult for me to get up. I got dizzy every time I tried it,” he said years ago in an interview.

“I had the experience of my father and Fabiola, the fears that they were so small that something could happen to them. Leticia had problems from the beginning, but Sandra is phenomenal,” he noted. Eight days after being born, Leticia died. Bertín Osborne also spoke about this at the time.

“It was terrible to enter the ICU and see my daughter with her daughter in her arms, that he had already died, caressing his face… I had to get out of there because I was dying,” said the presenter, who, precisely, is now preparing to be a father at 70 years of age.