Eugenia Osborne, cautious when talking about Miguel Barreiro, whose relationship she wants to take game by game

Last June it was a year since her marital separation from Juan Megarejo, advanced in the first place by this portal. Days later, it was published that Eugenia Osborne was once again excited about love. The lucky one was a prestigious lawyer and professor named Miguel Barreiro with whom Bertín Osborne’s daughter was seen as complicit and close during a romantic walk through the streets of the capital.

If several weeks ago Eugenia confessed to us that she was happy with this new relationship, now the model has told us a little more about her boyfriend: “He’s charming, that’s it, don’t ask me any more. He’s a very good person, very interesting, very smart and I won’t tell you any more” he confessed between laughs.

According to Eugenia, Miguel handles the issue of spotlights and media interest very well and part of his family already knows him: “Some yes, some no.” The model wants to go game by game, enjoying this love to the fullest: “I little by little. With three children in the world, things have to go little by little.”

Eugenia lives a super special moment in her life after her marital separation with Juan. The model has met Miguel when she least expected to fall in love with her again and now, she makes the most of her time with him to live this romantic relationship in the most intense way.