Esther Doña’s drama seven months after breaking up with Judge Pedraz: “I’ll get over it with psychologists”

When the storm seemed to have passed and each one found his way separately, Esther Dona has revived his media break with Santiago Pedraz. The widow of the Marquis de Griñón says that she is not ready to fall in love again because she still has to overcome the judge.

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“I get hives. I don’t know if one day I’ll get over it or I’ll have to go to a psychologist to get over it,” he confesses to the microphones of Europa Press. “I have always been in love with love and I did not see myself without a partner, but I am in a beautiful moment and I feel very good, for now love is not,” she adds.

In these seven months that have passed since the magistrate, always according to Doña’s version, left her through a WhatsApp message, Esther assures that they have not spoken. “I think the pending conversation would have had to take place at that time. Things are cooling down, you see it with more distance, you see in the end what is in each one and you say, now for what”.

Despite the pain, he does not hold a grudge: “It is clear that he is not the person who has to be in my life. He made that decision and I think it was the right one, especially seeing everything that has happened afterwards. I have affection for him and I wish you the best always.” It should be remembered that the magistrate of the National Court, for his part, is now a renewed man next to his new lawyer girlfriend, Isabel Jara Íñigo.