Esther Doña warms up her first post-breakup exclusive: “I don’t have nor have I ever had photographs of Judge Pedraz at home”

There are barely 24 hours left before the widow of Carlos Falco feels for the first time on a television set. will do it with Sonsoles Onega to talk about his controversial break with the judge Santiago Pedrazwho left her in August via whatsapp: “I thought I was the only one it had happened to but it’s quite common”He said this Wednesday.

Esther Dona spoke this afternoon at And now Sonsoles to warm up her exclusive and throw some dart for her brand new ex. The most poisonous, a photograph in which she appears with Carlos Falcó and two of her dogs in a picture of absolute happiness: “This is my favorite photo because it represents us, what we were, a family,” she has said. “I neither have nor have I ever had a photograph of Judge Pedraz in my house”has responded to Sonsoles when asked about the fate of her images with the magistrate.

With her dog Chloe in her arms (and who will also accompany her on set this Thursday), she has advanced: “I have mixed feelings, because on the one hand I am looking forward to going to the program but I have stage fright because I have never been on a television set.” And he added: “I am going to tell how I have lived it and all my feelings, because there are many people who can feel identified with me. I thought I was the only person who had been left this by WhatsApp but it is more frequent than I believed.”

The previews of the long-awaited interview, with which the Antena 3 program has been feeding her for more than a week, promise to turn the story around: “I needed a little time to pass because I knew they weren’t going to believe me, everyone they were going to side with Santiago because he is a judge of the National High Court,” he said. “He had made the decision for a long time, what he does not understand is why he continued to travel with me, he took the photos … he has disappointed me a lot.”