Esther Doña responds to Judge Pedraz’s latest: “I hope he stops talking about me and then I will too”

Widow’s Return Carlos Falco to the set of Sonsoles Onega after her long-awaited (but disappointing) interview to discuss her breakup with Santiago Pedraz. A little calmer and with her dog Chloe in her arms, she has responded to the last words of the judge, who assured that everything “was past water”. “I agree with him. I hope he stops talking about me and then I will do the same,” he said. Esther Dona.

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And it is that the former model has insisted that she gave her interview to defend herself: “I spoke because he had spoken a lot in his environment. If he has turned the page, so have I, I hope he stops talking about me and then I will too “. And she added: “I think it’s great that he says now that he doesn’t want to talk, because I keep seeing headlines.”

Esther has made it clear that she does not want any war with her ex but quite the opposite: “I am not spiteful at all, I would not mind having a cordial relationship with him, we will see each other in certain circles and it is the best.” She, although she has left him a pullita: “Do I like his paintings? Don’t ask me that question, please …”, she has answered between laughs.

Finally, Doña wanted to clarify one of the most controversial statements from her interview last Thursday: “The breakup with the judge hurt me more than the death of my husband and my father.” Esther has explained: “I did not express myself well. The pain for that loss and the pain is not comparable to anything.”