Esther Doña and Sonsoles Ónega spoil the aroma of William Levy: it smells like death here

The expectation created before the announced interview of Sonsoles Onega a Esther Dona has had its reflection in the audience: the handsome William Levy and his woman-fragranced coffee they smell like death, that is, they could disappear or at least be relegated to another time slot, because Telecinco can hardly support a 7.5% audience share, as happened this Thursday. To make matters worse, the opposite effect raises Sonsoles to 14.5%, a strong rise that drives the Atresmedia magazine. Telecinco’s average for the day was 3.3 points below Antena 3. Total disaster.

The ace in the hole Paolo Vasile, in his last death throes at the helm of Mediaset, it was the telenovela starring the fashionable man, the protagonist of the El Corte Inglés campaign this fall. But the soap opera of Cuban attractiveness has turned out to be an epoch-making bluff and the best thing that can happen to Antena 3 is for the rival network to maintain woman-fragranced coffee at seven in the afternoon against Sonsoles because with the audience it obtains it is Sonsoles Ónega’s best weapon to gain a foothold.

While interviewing the judge’s ex-girlfriend Santiago Pedraz could even be described as boring, the impulse given by the expectation caused by the first statements of the widow of Carlos Falco after her bizarre breakup with the magistrate, just after announcing her wedding on the cover of Hola. The woman from Malaga chose Sonsoles to break her silence because they have offered her a chair as a chatterbox on the program, as we had pointed out in Informalia and was later confirmed by the host of the show.

As we are already moving forward, The Ana Rosa Program He had been interested in his day to have the malagueña in his morning magazine when his star presenter returned but two of his former employees got in the way: Sonsoles herself and the former director of It’s already noon Patricia Lennon, director of the new space of Antena 3, which was stolen with Ónega after working on Unicorn with AR. Signing up the celebrity you want to interview is AR factory school. It already happened in his day with Tono Sanchis, when the former representative of Belén Esteban was signed by Ana Rosa at a prohibitive price as a collaborator to actually be interviewed. They say that Esther Doña secures 4,000 euros a month for her work on Antena 3, although they have not promised her continuity unless it works. Let’s see what counts. So far, the premiere has been a hit.