Espanyol, with one foot in Second after losing to Betis

Espanyolism has experienced miracles that have prevented the parakeet from descending on some occasion, but everything points to the fact that this time it will not escape falling into the hell of Second division. The set led by Abelardo he was defeated this Thursday in the Benito Villamarín and, in the absence of 7 days for the closure of The league, is bottom 8 points below the save zone. A lonely both of Bartra It was enough to achieve victory for a Betis in which Alexis Trujillo premiered in the best possible way, beating a Spanish impotent that transmitted sensations of already having foot and a half in a silver category for which he has not been seen for 26 years.

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Jumped on Spanish to the grass knowing that the Eibar he had beaten Valencia and, therefore, 8 points below salvation. And his ‘eleven’ presented surprises, with Abelardo betting on Campuzano in attack with Calleri, Iturraspe next to Marc Roca in the core, and Naldo next to David Lopez in the back absent by sanction Bernard and Cabrera. Regarding the first Betis of Alexis, defender with three centrals, recalling the stage of Setien at Villamarin and Borja Iglesias in attack predisposed to bite the hand that fed him.

With these, neither one entered the game particularly well, the initial section being a succession of inaccuracies that was well worth exemplifying because both Betis how Spanish They have performed well below what was expected this season. But within the mess, those of Alexis they were less bad than those of Abelardo. Or at least, they took the initiative in the game. Regarding goal occasions, however, one goal for each side. That of Betis, a deflected shot of Mandi, free of mark in small area, in the center of Emerson (8 ’). And the Spanish, for Calleri, which was incomprehensibly made at night on a loose ball. He had it all on his face to score, and he wasn't even able to shoot to test Joel (40 ’).

Psychological goal in the restart

Who did not forgive was Bartra, who in the first bars of the second half headed into the net a corner kicked by Channels to overtake the Betis.

Already disadvantaged on the scoreboard, Abelardo introduced into the field Melendo, Wu Lei and De Tomás with the intention of shaking the hornet's nest. And he had a goal sung Wu Lei in 89 ’assisted by Nico Melamed, but Joel I avoid it.

He SpanishOnce again, it was a shadow of what was expected of him this course. For what is reflected in the Villamarin, it cannot be said that the descent is undeserved.

1 – Betis: Joel Robles (3); Emerson (3) (Barragán (s.c.), m.83), Mandi (3), Feddal (2), Bartra (3), Pedraza (2) (Alex Moreno (s.c.), m.91); Guardado (2) (Aleñá (s.c.), m.91), Guido Rodríguez (2), Canales (3); Fekir (2) (William Carvalho (s.c.), m.80), Borja Iglesias (1) (Loren (s.c.), m.80).

0 – Espanyol: Diego López (2); Pipa (1) (Víctor Gómez (s.c.), m.79), David López (2), Naldo (1), Pedrosa (2); Darder (1), Iturraspe (1) (Melendo (1), m.56), Marc Roca (1), Embarba (2) (Nico Melamed (s.c.), m.79); Campuzano (1) (Raúl de Tomás (1), m.56), Calleri (1) (Wu Lei (1), m.56).

Goal: 1-0, M.48: Bartra.

Referee: Juan Martínez Munuera (Valencian Committee). He warned the locals Guido Rodríguez (m.28), Pedraza (m.69), Borja Iglesias (m.76) and Emerson (m.82), and the visitors Pipa (m.10), Pedrosa (m.35) , Naldo (m.73) and Darder (m.79).

Incidents: Match of day 31 of LaLiga Santander, played behind closed doors at Benito Villamarín. Lawn in perfect condition.