Espanyol returns to First Division

Espanyol returns to First Division

A double from Puado allows the Catalans to come back from the tie against Real Oviedo


RCD Espanyol has been promoted to LaLiga EA Sports after coming back this Sunday in the final round of the promotion ‘Playoff’ against Real Oviedo (2-0), a match in which Javi Puado’s two goals at the end of the first Part of it was enough to return the Perico team to the highest category of Spanish football a year later.

The Catalans have only remained in the Second Division for one season, and in three minutes of inspiration from the Barcelona striker they managed to turn the final around; In the 44th minute, he put the first on the scoreboard, and in extra time of the first half he sealed the comeback to return his team to First Division.

The Asturian team, which was ahead of the match thanks to the 1-0 win at the Carlos Tartiere with Alemao’s goal, knew how to contain the Perica’s determination in the first minutes, which was unleashed with an attempted bicycle kick by Keidi Bare that thwarted at the last moment Sebas Moyano.

Manolo González’s men dominated, they arrived with danger, but they did not manage to open the can at the Stage Front Stadium until close to half-time, in three minutes of madness with which the tie took a turn. In the 44th minute, after a corner taken by Nico Melamed, Javi Puado caught the ball, beat Seone and managed to beat Leo Román.

Already in extra time, in a magnificent three-touch play, Cabrera made a long pass for Pere Milla, who, seeing how the goalkeeper of the Oviedo team faced him, gave way back so that Puado scored again (min.45+2) . The Espanyolistas managed to turn around the final for promotion.

Luis Carrión looked for solutions and made changes at half-time, but it was the Catalan team that came closest to finding the net in a great action by Braithwaite with a center into the area that Melamed narrowly missed.

Not even the entry of Santi Cazorla was enough to clarify the ideas of the Asturian team, who still had the score at 2-1 in stoppage time on a double occasion in which Joan García repelled the successive shots of Borja Sánchez and Borja Bastón. With the final whistle, the Spanish fans invaded the field. They were already in First.


–RESULT: RCD ESPANYOL, 2 – REAL OVIEDO, 0 (2-0, at halftime).


RCD ESPANYOL: Joan García; Omar, Calero, Cabrera, Pere Milla (Oliván, min.69); Keidi Bare (Víctor Ruiz, min.79), Gragera, Melamed (Aguado, min.79), Jofre (Salvi Sánchez, min.79); Puado (Pol Lozano, min.87) and Braithwaite.

REAL OVIEDO: Leo Román; Pomares (Abel Bretones, min.46), Dani Calvo, Luengo, Viti; Luismi (Cazorla, min.63), Colombatto, Seoane (Borja Baston, min.76); Sebas Moyano (Borja S., min.46), Dubasin (Masca, min.63) and Alemao.


1-0, min.44: Puado.

2-0, min.45+2: Puado.

–REFEREE: Cordero Vega (Cántabro). He cautioned Cabrera (min.21), Keidi Bare (min.47) and Pere Milla (min.64) by RCD Espanyol and Sebas Moyano (min.29), Viti (min.41) and Seone (min. .74) by Real Oviedo.

–ESTADIO: Stage Front Stadium.