Espanyol immolates himself in Villamarín

In this Verbena de San Juan there were no bonfires in the squares and streets of Catalonia because of the logical restrictions that have been imposed on post-coronavirus society.

But in the absence of fire, Espanyol immolated himself alone this Thursday in Villamarín, he burned himself and burned almost all the meager cartridges that he had to aspire to the miracle, to salvation.

The day started badly after the victory of Celta and Eibar and the draw of Leganés, which distanced the feat a little more. The direct rivals did not help, but it is that Espanyol did not do their homework either, He had to win and he did not.

And now with 8 point disadvantage with permanence, the dream can become a nightmare because these seven days that remain to finish the Express League can be a torture for those of Abelardo and for all the swollen parakeet, sunk like never before.

Without goals there are no loves, there is nothing

This Thursday, the game against Betis was the living stamp of what Espanyol's game has been in a course for oblivion. Soft behind, without ideas or intensity in the core and most importantly, without punch or goal it is impossible to survive in this League of Titans. Calleri and Wu Lei each had a chance in each period and they failed incomprehensibly, especially the Chinese striker, who scored a Cardeñosa blunder who will enter through the front door in a book that collects “how it is possible to fail such an occasion.”

He left From Tomás to the rescue, but you can't ask for miracles a player who is touched and who arrived in January when the team had already fallen into a spin.

Nico Melamed

Few things can be saved from the parakeets' party in Heliopolis, since to make matters worse the ‘hangman’ was a former Barça player raised in the parakeet quarry, Marc Bartra.

Just highlight a name, Nico Melamed who had a quarter of an hour to put the team on his back, give him a golden assist to Wu Lei and show that there is a future in the parakeet quarry, if they don't end up selling it this summer.

Already said an excited David López at the end of the duel, “I will not allow anyone to lower their arms.” The parrot hobby deserves, unless they leave their skin before going down to Segunda. to get started Sunday against Real Madrid, who cannot go for a walk to the RCDE Stadium.